Thursday, July 22, 2010

Every once an a while I stumble across something that I find myself throwing all my attention into for a short burst of time before ultimately forgetting about it or becoming bored. One thing that has withstood the test of my changeable interests (for the time being anyway) has been the absolutely wonderful SF Masterworks series by Gollancz.

As of today I have acquired no fewer than fifty-one of the seventy three volumes of the main section of the old collection as well as a copy of Childhood’s End in the new (2010) bindings. With enthusiasm I created a reading group to delve into the excellent stories contained within the series and have, to date, read twelve of the old series as well as Cat’s Cradle which is to be added to the newer series soon.

On top of all that I stumbled upon an excellent related blog here on blogger in which the participants are aiming to read all the SF Masterworks as well as their Fantasy counterparts in under a year. A truly epic challenge. Find it at

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