Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's been some time since I felt myself tearing up at a movie, so long in fact that I can't actually remember what the movie was. Today however, I found myself fighting off the waterworks while watching the otherwise superb Marley & Me. What's more, I had to get up off the chair and find something else to occupy myself to stop myself from completely breaking down (I doubt I've cleaned the kitchen with such vigour before.)

In spite of my distractions I still found myself welling up and was unfortunate (if that is the right word) to glance at the TV just in time to see Marley close his eyes for the final time. Perhaps I should have added a spoiler warning there but seriously, there's very little other than the death of Marley that was going to make me cry at the movie.

It's a trend that I've noticed in regards to the movies that have made me cry. The death of Skip in My Dog Skip was another, very similar to the Marley & Me story while 101 Dalmatians (live action version) and another movie that I can't remember, or never knew, the name of brought tears for imagined reasons – I was young and had a thing about animals not getting the recognition they deserved for their actions.

All in all it makes me wonder how I'm going to cope when my own beloved hound passes away. He's getting on in years (11 last February) and his legs don't hold up like they used to. I'm really starting to regret all the time I could have spent with him but instead wasted it on frivolous activities. I guess it's time I stopped writing now, there's a ball in the garden and a faithful friend who'd be willing for a game of fetch.

Steg. Out.

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