Monday, February 20, 2012

Kicking Back

Over the last week or two I've started to feel particularly stressed about a number of issues. Firstly, college has been on my back to get some documents in to them regarding my application for an MA that I want to do. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not top of my to do list, but what's stalling me was the waiting for references to come back from the people I asked for them. That issue finally drew to it's conclusion today, so I'll be bringing all that in to Dublin tomorrow.

A second element, that has been stressing me out, is work. It's not the job itself - believe me, I've had worse - it's just the manner of what's happening. I've been with the company for a little over six years now (how time flies) and over that time I've ensured that I was well versed in the varying aspects of my position. Unfortunately, there are others who aren't so enthusiastic. Instead of getting these people to put more into their job, it seems that management is quite happy to let me pick up the slack. On Saturday gone, I was rostered a 7am-7pm shift (which turned into a 7-7:30) while one of my colleagues was rostered with me from 8am-7pm but was allowed to leave at 7 on the dot and a second colleague worked 1pm-7pm. This is not the first occasion on which I've been held back when working twelve/thirteen hour shifts while others just leave me to get on my own. And all management do is bemoan the fact that there's only one staff member left rather than try to stop them from leaving.

Lastly, and most annoyingly of all, my feelings (or rather the manner in which I express such feelings) for an ex-girlfriend, are really starting to bother me. Have you ever found yourself sending a text, or making a fecebook comment even while thinking I shouldn't be doing this...why am I doing this? Well that's the way it's been for me since November, something I've been ashamed to admit, even to myself, for some time.

On a positive note, as I eluded to above, I've gotten the references for college sorted so that's the first issue sorted. I'm also on a week off work so until next Monday (at the earliest) I wont have to worry about that dragging me down. And finally, I've decided to cut all ties with that ex-girlfriend so hopefully I won't be making a fool of myself any time soon.

Also, PlayStation Vita is out on Wednesday - SWOOP!

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