Tuesday, February 14, 2012


In your arms the stars shine brighter,
A celestial kaleidoscope of hopes and dreams.
Nearby Bluebells chime their eternal chorus
Under the warm caress of a light spring breeze.

As you pull me closer your scent fills the air
And the heavens play their show on the back of closed eyelids.
Joy is here, with you, ‘midst nature’s brilliant show
Your strength, your being - definitive solace.

Heavily, or perhaps heavenly, my head rests on your chest
And the beating of your heart draws sleep to my mind.
Behind closed eyes I smile in celebration of what we share,
Here, on the hillside among the many wonders of life.

My breath slows, welcoming the imminent peace
And my sense of smell heightens to the world.
An aroma of flowers and of you, of all nature’s scents
Fills me with peace, with harmony and with pleasure.

I Love You
Hold Me

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